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Avril Lavigne Finally Addresses Conspiracy Theory That She Died And Was Replaced With A Lookalike

Someone has finally asked Avril Lavigne about the conspiracy theory dating back to 2011 that said she actually died in 2003, and had been replaced by a body double. Avril did a phone interview with KISS106.5 in Australia on the Kyle and Jackie O Show, where Jackie O finally asked her how she felt about people thinking she’s dead. She responded, “Yeah, some people think that I’m not the real me, which is so weird! Like, why would they even think that?”

Well Avril, it all started in 2011 with a Brazilian blog post. It was picked up by Buzzfeed and then spread like wildfire. The theory basically says that Avril committed suicide in 2003 because she was so distraught over her grandfather’s death…and her record label wanted to keep her success going so they hired her actress lookalike, Melissa Vandella, to fill her shoes. What’s funny is the Brazilian blog post, when translated, basically said at the beginning that the post was to prove how easy it is to come up with random conspiracy theories. But that’s no fun so people ran with the conspiracy anyway.


Twitter obviously loves this one…people started to thoroughly examine everything about her. Some noticed her face and handwriting changing.

After all the speculation, Avril has made her statement…but she didn’t really deny it did she? She basically was like, “yeah crazy! Why would anyone think that!” But she didn’t say, “No that is absolutely not true!” Hmm….