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Ariana Grande Slams Pete Davidson In A Subtweet After The New 'SNL' Promo Was Released

This SNL promo was released last night where Pete Davidson makes a clear joke about his failed engagement with Ariana Grande. In my opinion, this is funny and obviously they had to make light of it considering they used their engagement for various skits in the season premiere. And this is a no brainer for SNL. They know putting Pete Davidson in is going to get them the most views possible and they were right. Ariana Grande responded on twitter and now everyone is reporting on this promo and Ariana’s tweet.


Nicely done SNL. But OUCH Ariana. And she didn’t stop there. She also liked tweets like this

She has to know that she is much more of a superstar than Pete, so why bury him deeper than he’s already been in the past few weeks? I understand breakups are extremely tough and they probably both have issues with each other but this was a little harsh from Ariana. They made their engagement/relationship SO public and Pete openly made jokes while they were still together and she seemed to be fine with it then. He’s also a comedian who makes self deprecating jokes about his life which I think Ariana would know considering she was engaged to him. Ariana Grande is a world famous pop star, who has one of the biggest albums of the year, and is going on tour. She is one of the most talented singers right now. Pete Davidson is on SNL, a TV show where they make jokes. That’s what he does so just let him have at least have that.  At this point no matter what Pete Davidson does he’s always going to have some of his past tied to Ariana Grande, whether she likes it or not. Unless Pete Davidson has done some really fucked up shit to Ariana that we don’t know about, I’m on his side here.

On a side note, is Pete Davidson saying he proposed to Cazzie David in this promo? He says 0 for 3 and the person he dated before Ariana Grande was Cazzie David. Verrrry interesting.