Can I Interest You In Watching A 7'2" Unicorn Playing Basketball?

Bol Bol, yes the name sounds familiar. That’s because he’s the son of Manute Bol. The difference? Well, Bol Bol is way more polished than his dad ever was. Above is his highlight package from Oregon’s exhibition game. He’s going to be one of the more unique players in the country this year. Now, this blog is for both NBA teams (those who will have a high pick) and college fans. That’s because he’s one of the highest-rated draft prospects in the class too.

He’s a legit 7’2″ and has ridiculously long arms. As you can see he likes to play away from the paint – part of the reason is why he’s built like his dad. Long and thin. He does have a pretty clean release on his jumper and can obviously step out to the 3-point line.

Yeah, Oregon is going to be a ton of fun to watch too. Louis King is an absolute stud. Payton Pritchard is one of the better and underrated returning players in the country. They have the role players to fill out the rotation. Ehab Amin is an excellent scorer as a grad transfer. If Dana Altman can get this group to play together early, they will be in the top-25 all year. But, enjoy Bol Bol. You’re just going to get one year out of him.