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Did I Accidentally Speak Gladiator 2 Into Existence?


(Deadline) “EXCLUSIVE: While he has been eyeing other projects that include a coming of age Merlin movie at Disney, Ridley Scott has begun forward progress on a sequel to Gladiator, the 2000 film which garnered 11 Oscar nominations and five wins including Best Picture and Best Actor for Russell Crowe.”

So I blogged about the potential for Gladiator 2 back in June. The idea for the movie was that Maximus comes back to life and starts fighting all the wars throughout history like Logan in the intro scene for ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’.

My main takeaway from the blog was that I don’t give a shit about the sanctity of movies anymore and that they should just remake everything. I am here to say that, even though I was being sarcastic, I was wrong. I fucked up. I took Emeka Okafor and Caron Butler. Please, don’t take my stupid words seriously, Ridley Scott.


I’m a big dummy and I was wrong. Please don’t ruin one of the best movies ever.

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