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John Mayer Peformed 'Gravity' And A Cover Of 'Small Worlds' At Mac Miller's Celebration Of Life Concert Last Night

God DAMN. That was awesome. Incredible stuff from JM. So last night was the tribute concert in Los Angeles to the great Mac Miller and John Mayer performed two songs, ‘Gravity’ and Mac’s ‘Small Worlds’ at the show. He crushed them both in my humble opinion. I might be biased because I’m a huge fan of both Mayer and Mac Miller’s music but those were two A+ performances. Mayer is the perfect guy to have at an event like this. He was obviously friends with Mac and that’s important but it was great to hear one of Mac Miller’s songs covered in that way. Very very cool. If you didn’t get emotional when John Mayer sang, “Gravity has taken younger men than me” then you might not have a heart. What a perfect lyric to change. Just fantastic performances from Mayer last night. I just wanted to put up a quick blog with the performances in case people hadn’t seen them and were having trouble finding them. There they are and they are spectacular.