How About Marc-Andre Fleury Out Here Ripping Darts At Practice?

Is there anyone better to play with than Marc-Andre Fleury? The goalie is known to be one of the biggest pranksters in the league, it’s actually something that gets brought up every time we have a former teammate of his on. They always mention a time the flower pulled one over on them.

The Flower was at it once again yesterday on Halloween, putting on a wig and smoking a dart during practice. Just picture coming down the ice on a two-on-one and seeing the goalie blowing clouds with a cigarette in his mouth. I’m not sure if I’d be confused or immediately start dying laughing.

I mean, Fleury is a frenchy so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if this guy was putting down a pack a day, but still, it’s fucking hilarious. Buddy is always up to something, it really never ends with him. That is why a teammate has never said a bad word about the guy. Every single thing said is not only good, it’s great things. People love the guy and it makes sense why.


I’m a huge Fleury guy. Such a perfect dude to come into Vegas and a new franchise and set the tone and lead an example for the young guys.