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Here's Every New Jersey From The NBA City Edition Release Today... Double Rainbows, Purple Rain, Biggie's Coogi, Motor City And More

The NBA City Edition jerseys have been slowly leaking since last month and today a handful of teams started making them official…

Overall a pretty strong day of releases so far, starting off with the Timberwolves… Who may very well be the best of the bunch.

The Purple Rain/Prince tribute vibes are amazing Charlie Murphy and they are definitely the change Minnesota needs right now. And assuming he survives till then, those DRose #25’s are gonna be flying off the shelves this Christmas no doubt.

But if I’m buying any of these today it’s gotta be the Denver Nuggets… **Napalm STRAIGHT from the bowels of a dragons belly MT POMPEII FIRE FLAMES** Rainbow Edition

Our CPF Steve Hess has gotta be hyped about these beauties. Need two #12 Fat Man jerseys for my Mickstape kings Coley & Tyler ASAP.

Or maybe I’ll hit up fellow CPF and daughter of the Bucks owner Mallory Edens for these funky ones from Milwaukee?

Certainly will NOT be getting Tyler a City Edition jersey from HIS Orlando Magic. As a wise man once said,,


Undecided on the Pistons look. Sure they represent the Pistons well but that’s also the problem. Tires aren’t super intimidating on the basketball court and Detroit makes everyone sad.

AND they’re wearing them 15+ times? Aw heck. FREE STAN VAN.

Shout out to Andre Drummond for rocking that hand-on-hip like no other though.

And shout out to Chicago for getting their City Edition jerseys VERY right.

Chicago’s creation should be the aim of every NBA franchise next year. Represents the city so well and is SO clean without being corny.

Meanwhile Charlotte got some solid city unification with the Panthers using the black/teal color combo. But while all-black uniforms usually crush… People seem to be pretty undecided on these right now.

Embrace debate? Wait forget I said that.

…And here are the OKC Thunder jerseys! Which are based off of Native American heritage!

That definitely won’t be a problem at all this season. Good times coming AND REMEMBERED in OKC!

But the Nets definitely did Brooklyn’s heritage right and may very well be NYC’s #1 basketball team now too. Gonna need our CPF Joe “The Accountant” Harris to send Mickstape a large bundle of these Coogi inspired wonders.

Should be more releases throughout the week so STAY TUNED. Gonna be seeing these jerseys worn fairly frequently this season which is good and bad news.

Mostly good but most assuredly bad on some nights too.

The NBA Finals should be looking fresh AF though.


Miami didn’t hear no damn bell. Wade County STAND UP.

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