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Get A Load Of This Absolute SMOKE Who Just Received A Scholarship To Play Fortnite

Source - He’s not your typical jock. Alec Mueller, a junior at Ashland University in Ohio, is so good at “Fortnite” that he landed a scholarship to play it on his college’s e-sports team.  “It’s just like anything else. It takes time and skill and practice to get good at,” the computer whiz told The Post. Mueller plays “Fortnite” four to six hours a day and is ranked in the top 3,000 players worldwide, out of an estimated 78 million.

Not bad fellas, am I right? Tall, lean, athletic (?), doesn’t look like he has halitosis which is rare for a gamer. The total package. This could be one of those situations where everyone around him is so gross that it makes him look better, but from what I can tell he’s one handsome guy.

Annnyyyyway, these e-sports scholarship stories seem to be popping up more and more often and every time they do I can’t help but laugh. These kids are about as far away from traditional student athletes as you can get, yet they’re getting athletic scholarships. Like imagine being an actual student athlete and seeing this? You’re working your ass off on the football field, hitting the gym twice a day building up your body to earn a scholarship, you FINALLY get one only to find out that some kid playing a video game got the same thing. From the school’s standpoint I get why they did it. There’s a ton of money in e-sports and he’s in the top .000038% of players. But still, it has to be frustrating.

If I ever have kids I’m sitting them down in front of the television and not letting them get up until they’re a top ten player in whatever game they choose. Forget the outdoors, forget socialization, forget it all. Play that game until your thumbs bleed, kiddo. That’s the way of the future and that’s how you get a scholarship in 2018. Well done, Alec.