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The Kardashians Dressing Up As Victoria's Secret Angles Is The Cockiest Move I've Ever Seen

Love it love it love it. Cocky. As Fuck. Just an unreal move by the Kardashian sisters and I couldn’t love it anymore. The Kardashians are simply the best. They really are and you’re an idiot if you don’t agree. It’s to the point now where I hate people who hate the Kardashians. That’s such a boring and predictable take on them. Oh you hate the Kardashians? Groundbreaking. Because in reality they’re the most fascinating group of people in the world and it’s not even remotely close. Take these Halloween costumes for example. They dressed up as Victoria’s Secret angels because they knew they were gonna look better than the actual Victoria’s Secret angels. That’s why they did it and that’s amazing.

The least shocking thing in the world is that the costumes were Kim’s idea. Uhhhhhhhh duh. Look at her! Look at her body! Look at it! Two kids! Two of them! That’s insane. I know we’re not supposed to comment on women’s bodies anymore but this is what Kim would want. Her body is RIDICULOUS. Society is gonna be talking about that body for hundreds of years. She does look better than any Victoria’s Secret model ever. I follow Kim K on Instagram and there’s a reason she posts Insta stories of herself in the gym every day. That reason is she wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret angel for Halloween and wanted to look better than any Victoria’s Secret model ever. Well mission accomplished, Kim. And that’s what makes her and her sisters so fascinating. They do shit like this. Love the Kardashians.

PS- There’s also a very strong chance Victoria’s Secret paid them tens of millions of dollars to dress up like that. Which would still mean the Kardashians win because they always win. The Kardashian dynasty is gonna be around for 5,000 years.