Craig Berube Once Cold Clocked Jeremy Roenick In The Locker Room


Get him, Chief!

Back in the day, Chicago Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick unnecessarily plowed into Flyers goalie Ron Hextall. Notable Goon Craig Berube was subsequently sent onto the ice to get back at the young, douchey center because hockey. Roenick’s teammates immediately came to their star’s defense and a melee ensued in which JR sucker punched Chief in the face. Over the next few years whenever Berube played Roenick his sole objective was to get his revenge. It got to the point where Chief would be on the bench ordering people off the ice from the bench so he could get out there and give JR a whooping.

Fast forward into the early 2000’s when Jeremy Roenick entered a Flyers organization that had Berube as a player/coach of the Phantoms:

(transcription via) – The Phantoms’ and the Flyers’ locker rooms are connected together, and Chief obviously feels very comfortable because he’s been a part of the Flyers’ organization for such a long time. So he comes into the Flyers locker room where I’m getting ready and just hanging out in the locker room. He walks in, I’m like, “Hey Chief, what’s going on?” He’s like, “Hey JR, what’s going on?” BOOM! Just slugs me. Just cracks me, right? And I kind of went down onto one knee and I kind of got up, and he’s like, “I told you I’d get you.” And believe it or not we played golf later that day… with me, Boucher, Tocchet and Chief.

The hockey life needs to be more like real life. The world would be a much better place.

Have to click here for the audio because 94 WIP still lives like it’s 1995 – Goodness starts at 8:15

Roenick also gives the humblebrag of the century calling himself a “Superstar” and ends the interview with not one, but FIVE “GO FLYERS” in a row. Guess someone still feels bad about crying his balls off for the Blackhawks when they beat Philly for the cup in 2010. Now don’t track down my number and leave a voicemail telling me to fuck myself.