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It's Time

Folks, it is November 1st so it’s officially ok to start listening to Christmas music. The first time you hear the first few notes of All I Want For Christmas Is You, the heart becomes overwhelmed. You know that soon enough you’ll be eating pumpkin pies and handfuls of candy corn whilst your family gathers around and puts up your Christmas tree. They’ll laugh at the homemade ornaments from yesteryear and you’ll think back to making them. Your haircut was ridiculous but you don’t mind. It was in style then and that’s all that matters. If you didnt have bleached blonde hair in 2001, you werent shit. Everyone knows that.

You’ll be sauntering around the mall and wearing a sweater so comfortable that you’ll swear that you’re actually in your PeeJays. It’s not peejays. It’s the Barstool Sports Premium line and it fits like a blanket and looks stylish as hell. The white chocolate mocha will taste so much more delicious on the backdrop of cool temperatures. You’ll see smoke from your breath and steam from your coffee. That, my friends, is the best time of the year. Football gets more important. Hugs at night between you and your lover become closer. And the hot sheets that you sleep under after a fresh session of doing it dont become as bothersome. We made it, friends. It’s Christmas SZN. Let’s not only sleigh the bells; lets slay these buttcheeks all winter long. Good work, everyone.