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Georges St-Pierre's Nerdy Ass Comes In At The Buzzer With A Great Halloween Costume

Alright, alright, I know I’m pushing it with the amount of “Fighters Wearing Costumes On Halloween” blogs I’ve done tonight, but you gotta let me slide on just one more here. I mean, I am a huge GSP guy, and obviously…

…I’m a pretty big Star Wars guy. This is, as Hannah Montana would put it, “the best of both worlds” for me.

Anyway, I wanted to just show you guys how funny St-Pierre’s wholesome ass is. All of his tweets read like they’re written by like, either an incredibly polite child, or Ned Flanders. I mean, Georges…

I was Darth Maul this year. One of my favourite characters in Star Wars!! Happy Halloween!

You could loosen up, if you want, brotha! It’s Halloween! Go nuts! Have an extra fruit punch!

Reminder that Georges St-Pierre once said he only loves three things in this world – women, dinosaurs, and the violence of the UFC octagon. Absolute fookin’ legend.