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Derrick Rose Drops 50, Is Officially BACK

Utah Jazz v Minnesota Timberwolves

Man it feels like just the other day I was blogging about how I would love to see Derrick Rose win the 6th Man Of The Year. Well it appears that maybe I sold him a bit short. Forget the 6th Man award, are we sure MVP Derrick Rose isn’t back? He sure as shit looked back against the Jazz tonight. What a performance from the veteran at a time when they were without Jimmy Butler in a tough division matchup. I don’t care who you root for, seeing Derrick Rose even come close to resembling the player he once was is something we can all get behind. I mean he’s what, 30? Who says there can’t be more left in the tank.

The final line: 50/4/6 on 19-31 shooting including 4-7 from deep. Rose gave us the full show today, flashing that ability to get to the rim, hit the midrange and step outside. I’m sure it made Bulls fans a little emotional as a reminder of what once was. Meanwhile doing this all against the Jazz is certainly no joke. What an incredible performance to cap off an incredible game. We’ve had some night in the NBA tonight so far folks with essentially every single game coming down to the wire. We’ll talk more about that in the morning, just make sure you watch these highlights now if you missed this game. I can’t imagine anyone ever expected Rose to drop a 50 spot, and he joins Blake Griffin, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson as guys who have already hit that mark so far this season.

MVP Derrick Rose…nothing like it.