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Having Your Pregnant Wife Dress Up As Bob Wylie For Halloween Is The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I don’t know who Brad Sheffield is, but I am truly happy for him. There is a lot of uncertainty when you have a kid on the way. Budgeting out a new mouth to feed, making sure your house is ready for a baby, and 9 months of pregnancy followed by your world changing forever.

But Brad can rest easy tonight knowing that he not only pledged the rest of his life to the right woman, but has a child that is going to be an absolute superstar no matter what he/she does in life. You don’t play the starring role of Bob Wylie’s stomach on Halloween before you turn 1 day old without having greatness written for you in the stars. That much is obvious. Shout out to the Mama and Papa To Be Sheffield for capping off Halloween with what has to be the best costume of 2018 and shout out to Baby Sheffield for pretty much locking up a spot as President, scientist that cures cancer, or person that leads mankind to victory in the war against the machines 40 years from now.