Baby Wave Hitting Philly 9 Months After Super Bowl Win & Hey, Um, Tommy From Fishtown If You See This We Need To Talk

Things went from underdogs to rawdogs pretty quickly the night of February 4th, 2018 after the Eagles won the Super Bowl and now, about 9 months later, a wave of babies is hitting Philadelphia.

I remember like it was just yesterday, minus some intermittent blackouts…

Fireworks were fly-Eagles-flying up from the euphoric crowds & bursting high above, illuminating the face of William Penn as he smiled down at us from his perch on City Hall. In the fray I’d been separated from my group & there was no cell phone reception. The solution was to get above street level for a better vantage point where maybe I could spot them, but the Ritz Carlton awning on Broad & Chestnut had already collapsed & most of the streetlights were taken.

That’s when I saw him… the veins on his neck bulging as the muscles in his arms unleashed a world of hurt on one of the beautiful glass display windows of the Macy’s. It only took about 37 punches until it smashed into 1,000 pieces. He turned away, looked up at the Wanamaker Building & ripped his coat open as he howled into the night like a wild man. His knuckles were bloody & already bruising so I rushed over & grabbed a Yuengling out of my backpack & offered it up. He reached into the window display & grabbed me a single, dusty plastic poinsettia flower.

Next thing you know we were back at his cousin Matty’s eating cheesesteaks. He delicately wiped a dribble of wiz off my face with the hand that wasn’t holding a Newport, & that’s when I knew it wouldn’t be the only time my face needed some attention. We made our way to the hallway futon in a passionate embrace & for the first time that night I finally made it up a greased pole… a Philly Special, indeed.

Whoa, sorry. Memory lane really took me there. All I’m trying to say is, if you went to Holy Cross between ’97 & ’01 & know a ‘Tommy’ with brown hair, a neckbeard and a large ankle scar from a skim boarding incident in Sea Isle City, please have him hit me up on Twitter.

Also, for anyone else reading I’m registered at And for anyone else who I might call ‘Mom & Dad’, surprise!

Side note, Rone & Caleb – congrats on your It’s Always Sunny Appearance but also, you might want to put some feelers out to make sure you’re good.