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Proof There Has Never Been A Show More Ahead Of Its Time Than Entourage

I saw this tweet pop up on my timeline and immediately thought I had to bring this to a bigger audience. Entourage, one of the classics, especially for anyone around the same age as me. But, who knew how good Entourage was at predicting the future and really setting the precedent not only in Hollywood but in America.

So let’s start with what was discussed in the tweet. The big one is Ari bringing a football team to Los Angeles. We’ve seen this go about two ways. First, there’s football in Los Angeles. Then there’s what the Mets did. The Mets literally hired Ari Gold to be their new GM. I mean, sure, maybe Brodie Van Wagenen isn’t as brash or crude as Ari, but he’s Ari.

Turtle getting in on Avion was just smart. I mean he made a ton of money, but I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Avion won awards in 2011, 2012 and 2013 when it was featured on Entourage in 2011 and 2012. Seems like Turtle knew what was going on. Pretty smart businessman.

Then there’s the movies. We’ll list the Entourage one first:

Smoke Jumpers/Only The Brave
Ferrari/Ferrari: Race to Immortality
The Great Gatsby/The Great Gatsby (well, you know what I mean here. The last movie did come out after Entourage)

Now, obviously some are well-known ones with The Great Gatsby and Aquaman. But, you’re trying to tell me Only The Brave, which is based on a true story, didn’t just steal the plot from Smoke Jumpers too? Then there’s Medellin. That was the one that Vince always wanted to do. It was a special project. Just different. Narcos, is only on Netflix and done in Spanish. Has the same sort of vibes in that sense along with the obvious that it’s all about Pablo Escobar.

Hell, there’s even the boom of E-Sports. Remember Turtle competing in the boxing tournament for a ton of money? Well, seems like he knew that E-sports was going to be a thing come 2018. Look at what Smitty is doing with Gametime. Look at all the different leagues. Look at guys like Drake buying teams. Needless to say Entourage was ahead there.

Hell, we can even look at Drama getting his butt eaten in ‘Mailbooty.’ I do believe it’s been deemed #AssEatingSZN by pretty much everyone in the world. Thanks for that, Drama.

I’m sure I’m forgetting some others, but needless to say you get my point. Entourage really paved the way for all of these things. If there’s one I’m forgetting let me know. Either way, it’s a great trip down memory lane because Entourage continues to be one of the most re-watchable shows ever.