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In Honor Of Philly's Wing Bowl Coming To An End, Throwback To My Trip To The Wing Bowl This Year

I know I’m late to the punch on this one, but I just found out today that Philadelphia’s iconic ‘Wing Bowl’ event is coming to an end after twenty-six years, and thought what I believe to be my first video of the year deserved a revisit to honor the now deceased event.

I don’t know a ton about the history of the Wing Bowl, and I don’t necessarily have any personal tales I could share (this year was my first in attendance), you’ll have to go to Smitty, Rone, and maybe Jordie for those, but I will say this – I couldn’t stop saying how stunned I was at the fact that the Wing Bowl was a portal to like, the late nineties in terms of political correctness, and…well – literally everything else, too, I guess…

RIP Wing Bowl, though. Thanks for lettin’ me make it out alive to tell the tale this year, Philly.

BONUS: Smitty does the Wing Bowl 2015