OK...I'll Admit This Is Not The Best Look For Joel Embiid

Dammit, JoJo. It doesn’t matter that Embiid went for 30+, AGAIN (31/11/4). It’s not the best look. Hilarious, yes. But not the best look. Especially for a dominant figure in the NBA that specializes in the art of talking shit. I don’t care if it’s a brief snapshot in time. Joel Embiid can’t get caught looking like someone snatched his European Satchel after he attempted to “Mary” over a puddle. Can’t happen on the court.

That image was second to only the Sixers overall performance last night in terms of ugliness as they lost to the Raptors by 17, 129-112. 17!!! You can’t stamp your nuts down as a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference if you’re not only going to admit Boston is your daddy, but lose to Toronto by double digits. Ben Simmons had 11 friggin’ turnovers and Markelle Fultz still hasn’t learned how to adequately basketball. Also, Kawhi Leonard is confirmed good on the court. How amazing would he have looked in a Sixers uni? Answer: Too amazing.

Hinkie would’ve made it happen. 4-4 on the season. 0-4 away. Time to start playing with some jam out there, boys. Cue it.