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The Poors Have Gone Too Far


I am fed up with all this ham nonsense. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure this is real but it very well could be. That’s why you cant trust a poor. They’ll put monster or red bull in their ham sandwich so fast it’ll make your head spin right the hell off.

Right after Feits showed me the Monster Ham, I read this tweet.

Jail Weed Users has never led me astray so I kinda trust him on this. But, not completely. I do my own research.

Low and fucking behold. I stumble across the Urban Dictionary.

Ham Monster

“What happens to a woman’s vagina after having one or more children, messing up her snatch to such an extent to make it look like a pile of ham.”

“After our fourth child, my wife’s pussy turned into a ham monster.”

“Dude, I bet you 1,000 bucks that chick has a big old ham monster hiding in her pants”

Have you fucking no shame? Have you no decorum? Have you no decency?

Monster ham. My fucking god, America.

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