Um, What Just Happened In Chicago?

Golden State Warriors v Chicago Bulls

Screen Shot 2018-10-29 at 7.05.41 PM

It’s possible to score 92 points in a half? In a real NBA basketball game? I did not know that. Then again, of course it was the Warriors to do it. No big deal, just right after we saw Curry go crazy and make 10+ threes we have Klay Thompson tonight who already has 10… the half.

Imagine thinking Klay Thompson is going to take a hometown discount this summer? No chance! And honestly the NBA should do the Bulls a solid, call their locker room and let them know it’s totally fine if they don’t come out for the second half. Normally that would not be allowed but tonight it’s cool to make an exception, because nobody needs to lose by 50+. That’s bad for the brand. Just call it now, ensure nobody gets hurt and move on to the next game.

Personally I thought we were on Steph Watch after he did this sort of shit after the whistle

but instead we have Klay pulling his best Steph impression and Jonas fucking Jerebko making 30 footers off one leg


Where the hell was that as a Celtic? So annoying.

Sadly, the Bulls will have to come out for the second half, so what are we thinking the final score deficit is going to be? Could we see a team lose by 60? 70? What do you got?