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Mike Francesa vs. Pronouncing Matt Vasgersian's Name: Who Ya Got?

I know we give Dave lots of shit for mis-pronouncing names all the time, but Jesus Christ Mike what happened here? For the first couple of seconds I thought Mike was legit having a stroke. Matt Vasgersian is a big name in the sports announcing world these days, how do you not know how to pronounce his name? Before even that, how do you not know he wasn’t even doing the game? Thom Brennaman and Matt Vasgersian have very distinguishable voices and you can definitely tell them apart. Here’s Mike ready to rip poor Matt apart and he wasn’t even the guy on call. Can no one in the radio room help Mike out? Anyone? Or do they just want chaos at this point? Versasion. Vergushsian. LOOK UP WHO IT WAS! Versahsiaon. A full minute and fourteen seconds passes by and Mike is just a chicken running around with his head cut off.

Numba One. Love you Mike.

Conspiracy theory: Mike knows very well how to pronounce Vasgersian, but he knows this will draw clicks and views as he tries to bury Michael Kay. Hmmm…