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It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Running For President Again Per Her Saying, "I'd Like To Be President"

Here we go again! I’m such an idiot. Honestly I’m so dumb. For some idiotic, incomprehensible reason I convinced myself the Clintons really were done. I convinced myself that, after the astronomical embarrassment of 2016, there was no way they could return to the top, could give the presidency another run.

I thought that about… the CLINTONS!


Now, when I first saw this headline I thought it had to be a misrepresentation. A classic fake news, quote taken out of context type situation.

And when I watched the first few seconds of the video I thought I was right. She was asked if she wants to run again and she said no.

But Hillary is clever.

Hillary listens.

Hillary was not asked if she wanted to be president — she was asked if she wanted to run again. Who the hell wants to go through the savage process of RUNNING for president? Nobody.

But who wants to BE president? The Clintons. This part right here seals the deal.

“I have no idea… I’m not even going to think about it until we get through this November 6th election..”


“I literally think about it all day every day and Bill and I are getting all of the ducks in order and when the time is right, we will strike.”

She’s really doing it. She’s really running again. RIP to your Facebook feed if we get Trump v Hillary round two.