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CeeLo Green Tries To Defend His Rape Charges, Tweets That It's Only Rape If The Person Remembers



(Source) The singer Cee Lo Green has discussed a court case in which he pleaded no contest to supplying ecstasy to a woman in a series of tweets, including one that read: “People who have really been raped REMEMBER!!!” The woman had claimed that she had no memory of the period between dining with Green at a sushi restaurant in 2012 and waking up naked in the singer’s bed.







Hey CeeLo, why don’t you just stop talking for a little bit man. I don’t think this is helping clear your name of those rape charges. Going on twitter and using the old “If a tree falls in the woods” defense for raping a human being. If a woman is raped but she doesn’t wake up it’s not rape right CeeLo? And that whole TRIED but did not succeed defense is quite the logic as well. I mean I’m no lawyer but I’m pretty sure if you try to murder someone but don’t succeed it’s called ATTEMPTED Murder. But again, what do I know, besides the fact that raping girls that are passed out is most definitely still rape. You and your creepy little hands should probably just crawl under a rock and die.






Then again, CeeLo does have a female lawyer so that’s kind of like making a black joke as long as you have a black friend in CeeLo Green logic right? Take that internet!


Cee-Lo Green