Guy Goes Absolutely Beast Wars On Cops While Being Tased No Less Than A Million Times

Source - Deadly struggle between two cops and a suspect after a local restaurant called 911 to report a customer acting strangely & talking to himself, the man is 38-year-old Edward Michael Caruth. An arrest was attempted and tazer was used MULTIPLE times on Edward but with no effect, a brawl ensued and ended up in the parking lot. The suspect Edward Caruth later died on route to hospital, cause of death is undetermined. It has been reported that the suspect had previously damaged property of the restaurant turning on faucets flooding washrooms and trying to rob the back of the kitchen area.

Obviously a sad situation the man ended up losing his life in the name of the Wet Bandits. Maybe if the two butterbean cops have done a sit up in the last decade the guy would’ve been taken into custody without incident. But no shit this Incredible White Trashed Hulk died on the way to the hospital. That’s exactly what happens when you fry a few million volts of electricity through someone’s veins. Dude should’ve went up like a Christmas tree or Aldon Smith’s career after tase #8. Actually have some serious doubts on if he really died in the ambulance or if he’s preparing for a sequel. Dude may indeed be Michael Myers. Definition of undead.

Still pale in comparison to the greatest tase job ever recorded: