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Iowa's Punter Just Threw A Touchdown Pass To A Defensive Lineman On 4th And Goal From The 10......Wait What?

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that the play of the year? I think it might be. It’s certainly the catch of the year. That big fella making an over-the-shoulder catch was magnificent. That takes a ridiculous amount of skill from a guy his size. He’s 6-5 275 pounds! He’s a defensive lineman! He was a walk on! Oh and the PUNTER dropped a dime to make the touchdown happen. Oh and Kirk Ferentz had big enough balls to call the trick play in the first place. Just an awesome play all the way around. There’s a fine line between genius and crazy and Coach Ferentz just toed it perfectly. What a play. What a game. What a day. I love this team.