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Jennifer Lopez Is 49, Lookin' Fine, And Is...Engaged???

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

J-LOOOOOOOO!!! I would say she’s a middle-aged minx, but she doesn’t look like she’s aged a day past Maid In Manhattan one bit! Go J-Lo Go! She’s still Jenny From The Block, even with that ROCK!

GOSSY TIME - Dropping hints? Jennifer Lopez flashed a massive diamond ring at Game 2 of the World Series with Alex Rodriguez on Wednesday, October 24. The couple sparked engaged speculation after Rodriguez, 43, posted a video of Lopez, 49, wearing the sparkler at Fenway Park. “Jennifer, what’s the sign?! ?#Game2,” the former MLB star wrote. In the clip, the singer does her best impression of a baseball signal while giving fans a glimpse at the rock. “Quick learner,” Lopez quipped in the comments with a laughing face emoji.

After someone named Kimberly added “the sign I see is engagement” alongside three diamond emojis, Rodriguez did not confirm or deny that his girlfriend was wearing an engagement ring, but he did reply. “Hi Kimberley!! Miss you guys,” the former New York Yankee responded. Lopez was also spotted wearing the diamond ring in September. The duo yet to publicly comment on any engagement rumors.

DO YOU HEAR THOSE WEDDING BELLS?!?!? I never thought I could hear past the sweet Siren’s songs of PAGEVIEWS, but an A-Rod and J-Lo matrimony would mean next dimension CLICKS! Bloggers wouldn’t even need to “work harder” than everyone else by posting a story about an old woman and tricking people with false headline and thumbnail of a smokeshow anymore! A Rodriguez/Lopez wedding would mean there’s enough PAGEVIEWS for all! And finally, Lord Portnoy would get his wish – When everybody gets PAGEVIEWS…EVERYBODY GETS PAGEVIEWS!!! GO J-LO GO!!!!!