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This 6-Year-Old Kid Who Gave Meghan Markle A Macaroni Necklace Is About To Be A Billionaire Because Everyone Wants One Now

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CBS News- While Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex were in Australia, the duchess received a very special gift from a fan. It was a macaroni necklace, made by 6-year-old Gavin Hazelwood. Hazelwood gave his homemade creation to Duchess Meghan while the royal couple was on a walkabout in Melbourne. She was impressed by his work and immediately put on the custom piece. Now, Hazlewood is becoming just as famous as any other fashion designer worn by the stylish duchess, Australia’s Network 10 reports. The boy from Melbourne, Australia, has started receiving jewelry orders from around the world. “We had a lot of people saying to Gavin, you should make more, you’ll make lots of money from this, everybody will want to buy her necklace,” his mom, Rowan Hazelwood, told Network 10. Hazelwood’s family created a website so he can fulfill requests for custom macaroni necklaces. So far he’s gotten orders from Australia, the U.K., and the U.S. The boy uses dinosaur-shaped pasta and gold paint to create the homemade jewels, and each piece costs $20. This might seem like a steep price for macaroni, but the young jewelry designer is donating all of his profits to charity.

Charity?!?!?!?!?!? BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Listen I appreciate this kid giving all his newfound macaroni necklace money to charity blah blah blah but fuck that. Don’t do that kid. At least keep some of it. This kid and his family hit the jackpot when Meghan Markle accepted that macaroni necklace and they should be able to keep some of the spoils. Give like 20% to charity and keep the rest for a rainy day. Do you have any idea how many macaroni necklaces that kid is going to sell? A FUCK TON. More than his little hands could make in a thousand years. He’s gonna be saying, “My fingers hurt” and pull landscaping duty after the first order comes in. Fashion companies would murder their own employees by the dozen for just a chance to get Meghan Markle to wear their stuff. It’s quite literally the biggest endorsement a clothing or jewelry company can get and this kid just handed her one of his necklaces on the street and she took it. Keep some of the money kid. Don’t let people tell you how to run your small business.

By the way, I hate the Royals but I think I love Meghan Markle. It definitely helps that she’s American. The fact that she’s American instantly makes her better than any of the Royals in my eyes, past or present. She has a super fucked up family that keeps trying to screw things up for her which is maybe the most relatable thing a person can have. She closes her own car doors which I appreciate. She seems cool and not wrapped up in being a Royal. What I’m trying to say is that she doesn’t act like a Royal which is precisely the reason I like her. She’s one of us and isn’t a traditionally stuck up royal but got through the door anyway and is now living a charmed life. I can respect that. The rest of the Royals can still kick rocks though.