Did You Know If You Hold Down Any Button On Your iPhone You Can Easily Edit Texts And Tweets?

So our very own Brendan Clancy tweeted that out last night and it floored me and everyone else. Apparently you can just hold down any button on your phone (not just the space bar, as previously thought) and it allows you to whip around any text or tweet that you wanna edit and/or fix typos. I hate to throw around the words “game changer “but that’s a mother fucking game changer. Editing texts and tweets is such a hassle. Before this, I’d have to use my fat nubby fingers to try and press around different words and letters and it was the worst. It was a disaster because my corn fed fingers were built to milk cows and toss bales of hay, not get these tweets off. It’s safe to say Apple didn’t have my body in mind when they were designing the iPhone so this little trick is about to change my life in a big way.

It’s not surprising that Super Producer BC is the one who broke the news. In case you don’t know, Brendan Clancy lives in the future. He knows things about social media and the internet that haven’t even happened yet. It’s why he had KFC doing podcasts in like 1996. He keeps a stack of colorful books on his desk that have titles like How To Dominate The Social Media Era and Here Are All The Secrets Of The Future, Let One Loose Every 6 Months Or So. I don’t know if he actually reads the books or simply uses them as intimidation but he must be reading them because he knows his shit when it comes to social media and apps and where things are headed in terms. BC will mention some random app to someone in the office and how they should be on it, the person won’t listen to him and 6 months later it’s the most popular app in the world. He’s done that on multiple occasions. He’s a wizard. If he didn’t work for Barstool I’d suggest we burn him at the stake.

So, like I said, it’s not at all surprising that Brendan’s the one who revealed this text and tweet editing tool to the world. I’m glad he let out one of the secrets because I’m gonna be using this one all the time and so are you. Thanks, BC.