Peyton Manning Breaking Down The Normal Snap Duties Of A NFL QB Is Fascinating

Peyton Manning has been doing some extra curricular activity for ESPN+ which is being featured by Adam Schefty’s Twitter account, and it’s quite lovely for any football junkie. I don’t care if Peyton Manning is a billionaire from playing football, advertisement deals, and exiling Papa John from Papa John’s pizza for himself. The dude is the perfect fit for an analyst in the booth, or at least a long form show. Hell, I don’t think I’ve ever heard Jason Witten speak out loud before this year. Seriously. I thought he was the dead/mute TE from The Replacements (s/o Roy from The Office), yet he is doing just fine in the MNF Booth. Peyton may wanna be a GM one day, but he should settle into his true calling as an analyst first to give the people what they deserve.

Not to mention he’s pretty damn witty, too. Peyton’s got some comedy chops when he wants to use them.