Andrew Marchand Showed Up To WFAN Studios To Face Off Against Mike Francesa On The Radio...But Mike Was Conveniently Working From Home

Previously on Mike And The Marchand because I cannot recount this nonsense again


I’m not gonna sugarcoat things here. As a Mongo that follows Mike Francesa way too closely, this hurts. A lot. We have listened to Mike push players, coaches, execs, reporters, and entire sports franchises around the ring for years. But once someone actually showed up to fight back, he ghosts. It’s almost like seeing your buddy start a fight at a bar but when the guy he is fighting asks to take it outside, your buddy sneaks out the side door when nobody is looking. I’ll give Mike the benefit of the doubt and say that he forgot he was working from home without even a second thought on the offhand chance that Andrew Marchand would actually show up to tangle about how many people actually subscribed to an app. But I also know if I wasn’t a Mongo, it would seem that Mike was either ducking Andrew Marchand or an audit of his app that would cost him a ton of money. Luckily I am a Mongo so I am just going to end this blog saying that clearly Mike forgot today was a WFH day and he didn’t want to drive have Julio drive him all the way to the city once it became clear the Andrew Marchand was actually going to show up. Yup, that’s it!