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Mike Francesa Is Involved In A Gutter War Against A New York Post Reporter Over How Many Subscribers Mike's App Has

For those that don’t have 14 minutes to burn, here are the Cliffs Notes:

Nice to see that 64 years on Earth and the shortest retirement in the history of retirements hasn’t mellowed Mike Francesa one bit. Usually that type of anger is reserved for people that suggest Andy Pettitte should be moved to the bullpen. Nope, Numbah One just took umbrage with the report of the numbahs his app that costs $8.99 per month is doing. When you have made an entire life living at the top of the ratings and shitting on all the haters, you take offense when someone says you are cooking the books. Which is why I love that Mike created a radio version of a Money In The Bank match.

Marchand answered Mike’s rant by taking it to the Twitter streets, once Mike’s biggest weakness since he didn’t have a Twitter account.

To be honest, I didn’t read any of those articles and don’t know if Marchand actually said Mike only had 300 subscribers. However based on the amount of crazy people absolutely OBSESSED with everything Mike Francesa does to the point they have a Francesa Con every year and the Numbah One shirt sales will probably put Shea Clancy through college, I imagine he is clear of the 300 subscriber mark. Numbah One did not come back from retirement to launch an app only to have some scribe tear it down. Which is why Mike finally showed what his Twitter account looks like as a fully operational battle station.

Oh hell yeah. Spelt out numbers AND USING CAPS TO ACCENTUATE THE POINT? The only thing missing was including Marchand’s handle to weaponize social media and unleash the Mongos on Marchand’s ass. If I had to guess, I bet Mike will learn that trick in the near future. Again, I think Mike has well over 1,000 subscribers because he isn’t dumb enough to get embarrassed on his own show.

Marchand fired back with an offer to appear on the show while clearly not looking to put his money where his mouth is.

Where do we go from here? I don’t know. Does Marchand go on the station? Will Michael Kay put up the $500K in escrow to tear down Mike. Will it be an app exclusive interview and all this was done to get downloads for Mike’s app and clicks for Marchand’s Mad Dog piece? I guess we will find out later today. Or not. I don’t know, this is all pretty fucking ridiculous when you actually list it out. Then again, so is pretty much everything that Mike Francesa does and we love him for it.