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Shockingly Some Former Teammates Absolutely Hated Playing With Russell Westbrook


[ESPN] - His concerns about the mix are not unfounded: Plenty of former teammates have privately grumbled about Westbrook’s playing style, their frustrations centered on his stubbornness and single-minded approach. He wants to win more than anyone on the court, but his desire to win can complicate the outcome. This is the crux of the For Russ/Against Russ debate.

“It wasn’t always fun,” one former teammate says. “The first few years [I played with him], it was. But things got more and more out of control.”

Alright, this was totally Kevin Durant, right? I mean we can’t bury the lede and try to figure out if it was someone like Serge Ibaka or not. I’m only believing this to be Kevin Durant that said it. Now, what is this about? Well, ESPN did a huge feature on how Oklahoma City was able to keep Paul George. It’s an interesting read because everyone assumed George was gone and off to Los Angeles.

I get why people can be frustrated playing with Russ. But, we also had Steven Adams this summer talk about how much he loves playing with Russ and how he’s a great teammate. The problem is, yes, Russ gets his assists, but it’s usually off of ISO sets. When you watch the Spurs/Warriors/Celtics/Jazz, etc, they are typically running a motion offense with a bunch of cuts and making hockey assists. Oklahoma City is more break your guy down off the bounce, make the pass if the defense commits.

But, now we have a former teammate talking bad about Russ. I look forward to him finding out who it was and then playing even more pissed off than normal. The basketball world needs that to happen.