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Sucker Punching Someone Because They Dunked On You In A Basketball Game Is About As Scumbaggy As It Gets

BallIsLife- The guy who threw the punch is former Long Beach State player David Samuels and he has been kicked off the Kapfenberg Bulls team. “The player has to suffer the consequences for his actions, there’s no leeway and nothing to wait for.” Said Bulls GM Oliver Freund to The Sun. “In our organization and in sports in general, there is no room for that. We’ve also immediately communicated that to the player – tomorrow he will board a trip home.”

The guy who got sucker punched is Erwin Zulic of the Raiffeisen Flyers Wels.

I’ll admit I have never been dunked, only because I gave up any sort of competitive basketball against people that could possibly dunk my freshman year of college. I played one game of intermurals, quickly realized that my glory days of being an underrated high school gym basketball player were over (my game was like Arvydas Sabonis, I swear), and embraced sleeping in after a keg party over sweating the night out while occasionally getting my ankles snapped in two. This round mound of blogger pounds you see today is a direct result of that decision.

However despite never being dunked on, I can still tell you that sucker punching someone just because they put you on a poster is straight scumbag shit. I don’t care if you are stuck grinding for Euros in some Austria, which hasn’t been a true world power since the Austria-Hungary dynasty collapsed overnight like the Heat after LeBron left. We talk about guys getting their souls snatched because they were dunked on, but David Samuels literally tried to flip the script and Tomjanovich a dude named Erwin to hell just because he got a little embarrassed in front of the 60 people watching the game (TV crowd included). Now instead of nobody in the world continuing to know/care who David Samuels is, he is now a sucker punching son of a bitch that could have started the low budget European version of Malice at the Palace if Erwin’s teammates gave a fuck and this Kapfenberger Krazy had his way.

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That being said, I will admit that my tone for this blog was completely different when I thought this happened in Australia. Don’t get me wrong, you are still a scumbag if you sucker punch someone for any reason. But your spidey senses should always be tingling and ready to make a fight or flight decision against man, mammal, reptile, or poisonous insect if you live within the Aussie borders.