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Viral Video Tricks Poor Saps Looking For Work To Interview For The Toughest Job On The Planet - Motherhood

First off, times are still tough. Normal people not in this video realize how hard it is to just get an answer back to an application, let alone get to the interview process. Yeah, most of these millenials don’t care because they can fall back on their allowance before that independent film project based on their blog about going vegan gets legs. But some people actually need the work. Like Hitman right here. Look at the desperation in his eyes when he realizes his chain is being yanked:


Poor guy thrift-stored a jacket and tie for a Skype interview only to get cockteased with employment. Notice how you didn’t see his reaction to it being a joke. Next time you see him in a video it’ll be coming up to this interviewer from behind with a wire to strangle.

As for the “job requirements” of a mother, we get it. It’s difficult. I love my mother, too, but let’s not get nuts here. Not everyone has it as rough as Gwyeth Paltrow claiming it’s easier working a 9-5 than being a movie star mommy. But standing all the time? Are moms required to raise children in the Hanoi Hilton? Don’t think you need to go to John’s Hopkins for 6 years to get that degree in medicine to put Band-Aids on non-existent Boo-Boo’s. Growing up in the Smith household it was either the Iodine or “Put some dirt on it”. And I swear to God I would rather bleed to death than ever put Iodine on a wound again. The sting from pissing out a kidney stone while having Super Gonorrhea is pale in comparison to that shit burning the skin alive.

Everything else about the topic of mothers being mothers can yet again be answered by the wise Bill Burr:

PS – Couldn’t despise Mr. Hot Shit any more with his fancy pants setup in the background:


Granted if we could afford $12 Merlots, pictures on the wall and a haircut, we’d probably be going all out over Skype, too.

h/t Chris