It's Come To My Attention That I Need To Clarify My Stance On Ghosting

So, it’s come to my attention that I have some kind of reputation for being the poster child for ghosting. Everyone is coming at me as though I think you have the right, nay, the responsibility to ghost someone you’ve been dating exclusively for 9 and a half years. So we’re clear, I am absolutely not advocating for ghosting every single situation. What i’m saying is that in CERTAIN, SPECIFIC situations, it’s far far kinder to ghost than to drag out some pathetic breakup for a relationship you don’t even have.

If you’re dating someone, please do not ghost them. If you’re fucking someone and you’ve exchanged approximately 19 words total, that’s probably fine. It’s all about knowing when and where the situation is necessary and/or appropriate. For those of you who may be confused on what situations are ghost-appropriate, I’ve created a flowchart to help you determine whether or not you should be ghosting your mans.

Ghost-1Basically, you officially cannot blame me if you decide to ghost a legitimate relationship. You know my stance on it– you should only ghost a dick appointment or someone you’ve only been speaking to for a few weeks. If you decide to ghost someone you’ve been dating for twenty two years, change your name, move to Thailand, etc., that’s on you, ladies.