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An IED Type Bomb Was Found Near The Home Of President And Hillary Clinton


This is insane. An IED type bomb was apparently found on the property of a former US President and a former Secretary of State. Maybe now we can dial back the insane rhetoric in the country.

Credit to the screener who is part of the Secret Service for doing a great job. I used to try and find bombs for a living. Days go by and you can find nothing. Years can go by and you find nothing. Staying alert and doing your job to the best of your abilities takes an extreme type of focus. Most people wouldn’t think a bomb would be placed at the home of a former US President. The tech who was working at 1am last night kept doing their job anyway and because of that, no one was hurt. Credit to that tech for saving lives.

Once more information comes out about this, it will certainly be a topic on this week’s Zero Blog Thirty. I’ll walk you through how we look for bombs and the training involved.

Again, this isn’t a partisan type of thing and if you can’t see that, whew.