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Senator Goes Against The Grain, Learns About Something He's Voting On

A Utah Senator said legislators should at least try marijuana before it’s up for vote and debate in Utah in just a few weeks. So, he went to Nevada, where the drug is legal, to give it a shot for the first time.

Senator Jim Dabakis (D-Salt Lake), who’s known for his public political stunts, drove to Las Vegas and tried cannabis. He now wants Utahns and fellow legislators to know it’s “not a big deal.”

First of all, I didn’t realize ‘Utahns’ was the term for those folks & second when KUTV2 asked why he did it he said,

“It dawned on me Wednesday on the floor of the Senate that the Legislature is going to have the final say on this medical marijuana. I thought, ‘Maybe nobody on this floor has ever tried marijuana.’”

Besides that he noted the gummy he tried was pretty bitter.

Yes, it’s obviously mostly for publicity but I think Dabakis is on to something here. Weed gummies are often too bitter & we really need to work on fixing that.

Oh and also, it seems like the people our country keeps putting in office (regardless of party) are often scarily disconnected from the subjects they’re trusted to act & create policy on. It’s that feeling I get when politicians voting on topics that effect women’s bodies seem to squirm uncomfortably at topics involving, well, women’s bodies & their various parts (vag!).

Making headlines aside it seems like the Senator may be genuine with his cannabis adventure. I found a video from a couple years ago (with a whopping 80 views) where he’s asking the people to tell him what they think when it comes to recreational/medicinal use. Before he decides he wants to know what the people he represents are thinking. Neat.

And in case anyone is interested, he posted a very Dad-esque video letting everyone know he was fine after the high wore off.