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We've Got A Corpse On The Rugby Pitch, I Repeat, We've Got A Corpse On The Rugby Pitch

SENT BACK TO THE WOMB! Holy hell what a hit. Clean up, aisle drunken Euro. Wait, this happened at Iona college? Judging by my award winning Googling abilities, Iona College is a private, comprehensive, four-year Catholic college in New Rochelle, New York, which was founded in 1940 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers and occupies a campus of 45 acres. Not too sure getting decapitated was in the cards when this young lad signed up to drink beer on the small D-1 Rugby squad. Is it legal to leave your feet and blindside someone at Ludicrous Speed in the sport? I honestly don’t know. All I hope this dude is OK. Not good, because it’s impossible to be good after getting moonslammed like that. Just OK.

Now all we need is the aggressor to face off mano a mano vs. some worthy opponents, say the Tonga Women’s Rugby Team. Those collisions may cause the end of space and time as we know it.