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Barstool Radio And The Electric Chair Will Be Live From the Landsdowne Pub In Boston For Games 1 And 2


Ok our Game 1 and 2 plans are set. Myself, Carribas, Feitlberg and Coley will be at the Landsdowne Pub right outside Fenway for both Barstool Radio and the Electric Chair for Games 1 and 2 presented by Budweiser. The bar opens tomorrow at 3pm. Barstool Radio starts at 4pm. And if you don’t have a ticket to the game come watch it and live us live on the Electric Chair. Outside of being inside Fenway it will be the best place to watch the World Series.

Barstool Radio And Electric Chair From Landsdowne Pub

Game 1 and Game 2
Bar Opens at 3pm

Electric Chair – 8pm

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