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Roman Reigns Relinquishes The WWE Universal Championship And Reveals He Is Battling Leukemia Live On Monday Night RAW

In an unbelievably heartbreaking, and shocking opening segment of Monday Night RAW, Roman Reigns just walked down the aisle and revealed that he has been battling leukemia for the past eleven years, and that it is unfortunately back now. So he laid the WWE Universal Championship in the center of the ring, relinquishing it and apologizing to the WWE Universe for not fulfilling his promise to be a “working champion”, and promised to be back right after he whoops cancer’s ass – again.

Roman’s Shield brethren, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, joined him at the top of the ramp, and consoled him for a minute before striking their iconic pose once more.

I’m stunned, honestly, still in a state of shock, and I’m likely going to write a lot more about this, and about Roman and his career in the coming days, but right now please just send thoughts, prayers, good vibes, and anything you can Roman’s way. And Roman, thank you.