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Thank Goodness Adrian Peterson Was Still A Free Agent In August

Gosh bless Adrian Peterson’s 33 year old ass. He has been for the most part, a savior of the Redskins offense this season and a big reason we sit at 4-2 atop the NFC East. What’s crazy is even though you can kinda tell he’s a little bit slower than his heyday, he still has the power and vision and man, that is paying off in spades.

When Guice went down, there was a lot of panic- what will the Skins do now? I could not imagine another season putting the running game in Fat Rob or Perine’s hands. Can only watch guys run into the offensive linemen so many times before you have to look elsewhere. When AD came in for a tryout I wrote we might as well kick the tires of him, there is only upside and very little downside based on our other options. And boy am I glad they did, instead of listening to Cris Carter.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 2.34.30 PM

Booooo, Cris Carter. Booooooooooooooo.

The Skins offense has systematically run through Peterson this season. When he runs well, the Redskins win. It’s that simple.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 2.37.40 PM

Almost feel bad for him about those 99, 97, and 96 yard games. I’m sure there’s some sort of stat for 100+ yard games for 30+ year old running backs and he’s so close to have 4 of them instead of 1 this season. But the stat I am happiest about is the YPC. He’s consistently picking up chunks of yards. And it helps he’s has Trent Williams blocking for him. Exhibit A:

Just a god damn wrecking ball.

So next up for the ADAP revenge tour, the New York Football Giants. They are giving up the 9th most rushing yards in the league at 121.7 per game. Old school Peterson vs new blood Saquon, should be fun to watch.



PS: Loved watching Kapri Bibbs yesterday. Got his shot with Chris Thompson still banged up and made the most of it. He had 4 catches out of the backfield for 44 yards, including a 23 yard TD. That’s exactly what we needed out of him, and he delivered. He’s been one of my favorites for a while, so it was nice to see him get some shine.