I Love Barstool Eddie. He Is Exactly What I Think Of When I Think Of Chicago

I laughed out loud when I watched this. Eddie is everything I want a Chicago Bears fan to be. Fat, passionate, cute etc. He looks like central casting pulled him right out of that SNL Bears skit. Everything he does makes me laugh. The best part is this really is the biggest game of his life. The big bad Pats are coming to Soldier Field. It’s a day Eddie has probably had circled on his calendar since the day the schedules were announced. It’s his Superbowl. Meanwhile for Pats fans it’s just another Sunday. Yeah it sucks Gronk isn’t playing but I’m sure we’ll beat the Bears anyway because we’re the Pats and they are the Bears and guys like me win and guys like Eddie lose. That’s just how life goes. I can’t wait to see his half time and post game recaps. Some of the best unintentional comedy on the internet. Hopefully he mixes in eating a kilbasa while wallowing in defeat. I also wouldn’t hate a White Sox Dave cameo in it too. That whole squad is such a bunch of losers I can’t help but love em.