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This Is Why You Gamble

UNC @ Syracuse the Over/Under was 67. This game went into the fourth quarter with 47 points total and this is where you start to realize you are fucked. HOLD THE PHONE. The beauty in College Football is overtime.

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 5.19.37 PM

You can’t make this shit up, it went from 47 to 77 points when the game finished. I was finally on the right side of this one and I am still winded from running around the house. The amount of emotions you have during a time like this is the exact reason you gamble. Yeah, there are a lot of times where you want to smash your t.v. but this is what it’s all about. The best part about all of this is  when people start wondering why you are cheering for both teams and then start screaming when the score was 34-34 going into the second OT.

We still have a lot games tonight but lets enjoy this one unless you had the under. If you did have that under, start drinking because it’s going to be a long night.