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Boise State's Kickoff Tee Retrieving Dog Can Also Get Buckets

Look at Cowboy Kohl out here. I’m not saying Air Bud wasn’t real, but I am saying Cowboy Kohl could probably go drop 20 if he wanted to. Excellent form on the jumper here. It really makes me ask the question though. Is Cowboy Kohl the most versatile athlete in the world?

We’ve seen guys play football and baseball. That’s not that uncommon. How many football/basketball crossovers do you see? When you do, you only see them as tight ends in the NFL after they don’t make the NBA. But, not Cowboy Kohl. This good boy is just an all-time athlete, no other way about it.

Look at the elevation he gets too. Mama, there goes that man again. There’s no doubt that if Cowboy Kohl really wanted to strut his shit he’d dunk that ball. I wouldn’t be surprised. Good boys do good boy things that includes retrieving tees and dunking balls. Just give me more Cowboy Kohl.