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Mike Francesa's Reaction To The Breaking News That Odell Beckham Doesn't Like Water Is Simply Fantastic

I know that being a Mike Francesa fan is an acquired taste because some of the jokes require some back history of Mike or the show or whatever. But watching a 64-year-old professional radio host slowly lose his mind after a breaking news report came across his desk that a person doesn’t like drinking water is entertainment in it’s most basic, purest form. I have watched this video at least 10 times and I crack up every single time from the sound of pure disgust to start the video to the sound of disbelief that the Sports Pope would have to discuss this on his program to the “ENOUGH” hammer. This is what I imagine Mike’s brain was like after being told he had to talk about this story on the air because it was going viral.

Mike coming back from retirement to deal with prank callers and people asking him to go on his app at 1 in the morning after a playoff baseball game was bad enough. But having to deal with the absolute preposterous stories that have become a bigger deal in the Blog Era is what’s going to make his final years truly special for the Mongos. I feel like after one of these ridiculous Odell controversies, Mike is just going to hit the road and disappear like Will Hunting. Poof, vamooose, son of a bitch. But until then, he will be living in a world where the Giants are the sideshow and the Jets are the steady team with a plan and a future.

P.S. There is a less than 0% chance Mike drinks water either. If I was a betting man, I would say nothing liquid touches those pearliest of whites outside of Diet Cokes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.