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Chinese Artist Cuts Himself Open In Front Of An Audience, Takes Out His Rib And Wears It Around His Neck Because Art

rib main

rib main 2

Mirror- A Chinese artist has literally taken himself to the cutting edge of art. He Yunchang opened himself up in front of an audience and cut out one of his own ribs. Incredibly, he carried out the “performance art” without any form of anaesthetic. Then he really did add to his body of work by wearing the rib around his neck. He cut a metre-long gash from his neck to his thigh after stripping naked and lying on a trolley before asking the audience to vote on whether he should carry on. There were 12 votes in favour of the work and ten against, with three abstentions, and he cut himself open. Chinese blogger and art consultant Mélanie Wang posted: “Before the execution of this operation, there was a pseudo-democratic voting procedure. “According to the artist the vote was under the guise of a democratic process to decide whether he was going to perform his work or not.” The artist said afterwards: “Artistic performance can be distinguished from everyday life only when it is given a certain intensity. I want my work to move people.”

First things first, is this guy fucking with me?  Am I being pranked?  Are there cameras hidden around my house just waiting for me to blog this so I can be made fun of?  Because if there’s one story I’ve read that made me think to myself at least 10 times, “No way did this actually happen” it’s this one.  I’ve linked to some of the graphic pictures below if you want to decide for yourself.  I’m saying it’s real.  And if this is real, holy fucking shit.  Talk about taking “art” to the very next level.  Maybe even the top of the mountain.  I don’t know shit about art because I’m not cultured but this feels like the end all and be all of the art world.  All other artists need to close it down and start doing other things.  Painters and sculptors have never looked like such pussies after what this guy did and that’s saying something.  And sure, van Gogh cut off his ear.  Big fucking deal.  This Chinese artist will cutoff his ear for fun.  Did van Gogh gather a group of people, have them vote on whether or not he should cut himself open, then actually cut himself open with no anesthesia, take out a rib and wear it around his neck like a trophy?  Didn’t think so.  That sequence of events sounds like the storyboard for a Marilyn Manson music video, not something that actually took place.  And let’s say the part where he cut himself open and took out a rib is normal even though it totally isn’t.  To then take the rib and wear it as a piece of jewelry?  Art.


PS- What kind of characters are in a group of people where the majority of them vote Yes when the question is “Do you want to see this guy mutilate himself in front of you and rip out a body part?”.  The vote was 12 to 10 in favor.  Those 12 people have to be down for just about anything.

NSFW and graphic picture here and here.  Clicker beware.