Baton Rouge High School Performs "Neck" At Volleyball Game #LetTheBandPlayNeck

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The Advocate-LSU students brought back a vulgar chant last weekend, and Baton Rouge high school students followed suit from the stands of a volleyball game.

The Neck movement has hit high schools!

This was a weak performance by these high school kids. If you are going to do a STTDB (or a variation of it) you have to go all in. You can hear the crowd sort of lay up when it came time to say the kicker. Think of this like a football play. If you let up, you are going to get injured. You must go 100% on every single play.

This is funny, especially considering that this was done at a high school volleyball game (we all know why the guys were there). The funniest part? The description by the newspaper:

A video captured students singing the five-word chorus during a rendition of “Neck” as Parkview Baptist hosted St. Michael. The chant urges the opponent to perform oral sex on LSU’s tiger mascot. 

I mean, that’s not wrong?

The movement to bring back Neck is very strong in Baton Rogue at the moment:

If they don’t play it when Alabama comes to town, it will be one of the greatest missed opportunities in modern sports history. You want home field advantage? Play Neck in the 4th quarter:

Coach O on his thoughts about Neck is phenomenal. Peak coach O.

LSU AD Joe Alleva is rattled city: