Elon Musk Announces They'll Be Offering A Cheaper Version Of The Tesla 3 In Hopes People Will Actually Buy It

Blah blah blah. Lotta bullshit jargon there. Elon Musk can tell me every excuse under the sun as to why Tesla is offering a cheaper version of the Tesla 3 but Tesla is just like every other company in the world. Musk dick riders want you to believe it’s a special company run by a special human being and everything thing they do is the best thing ever but it’s not. Elon Musk himself wants you to believe that so he can keep making awful business decisions without getting criticized. He wants the Elon Musk mystique to stay alive because, if that goes away, people will see him for what he really is and that’s a fraud. They’ll see that he’s a grandiose liar who has tricked people into thinking he’s the smartest person ever and we should consider ourselves lucky he’s even decided to grace us with his presence.

So what’s the real reason behind Tesla offering a cheaper version of the Tesla 3? That’s real easy. It’s so they can hopefully sell more Tesla 3s. They wanna sell cars because they’re just another car like every other car company in the world. At the end of the day, that’s what Tesla is, it’s a car company that sells cars and they need to sell cars in order to survive. So what do you do when you wanna sell more cars than you’re currently selling? You slash prices. You slash prices to the bone and try to sell more cars in hopes the numbers drown out all the stupid shit the CEO has been up to lately. Will it work? Maybe. They might sell more cars but will they deliver those cars on time to the people who bought them? Tesla’s track record isn’t great. Don’t ask for the car in obsidian black metallic or silver metallic. Despite all the customization options those colors are simply too much to handle.