I Wish John Krasinski Was Writing A Prequel To "A Quiet Place" Instead of a Sequel

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The Week - Six months after his horror debut A Quiet Place tore up the box office, John Krasinski is ready for round two.

Krasinski confirmed this week that he will write the sequel to A Quiet Place after directing, co-writing, and starring in the first movie, which follows a family who must remain silent in order to survive in a world overtaken by monsters with sensitive hearing. He said at a Wednesday event that he originally planned to not be involved in the second movie at all, and although he did come up with a “small idea,” he told Paramount Pictures to go ahead and find new writers for it.

But as Paramount began to hear pitches, he thought about that “small idea” more and more. “And then I thought, ‘this might really work,'” Krasinski said, per The Hollywood Reporter. So now, he’s in the midst of writing the film, although he may or may not he return as its director. From the sounds of it, Krasinski is writing the movie alone, whereas the original was rewritten from a script by Bryan Woods and Scott Beck.


(Semi-spoilers ahead, but if you haven’t seen the movie and click a blog about a sequel to it, that’s on you at this point.)

Beggars can’t be choosers so I want to stand on the side that I am glad there will be a sequel to A Quiet Place. I quite enjoyed the first film. But my biggest problem with it was WHY IN THE FUCK DID HE BRING A NEW BABY INTO THE WORLD? KILL THE ALIEN MONSTERS FIRST, AND THEN GET BACK TO FUCKING. BABIES ARE THE LOUDEST THINGS IN THE WORLD, HAVING A BABY IS QUITE LITERALLY THE WORST THING YOU CAN DO.

I absolutely cannot get over the fact Jim brought a baby into the Quiet Place universe. But furthermore, I wanted a proper backstory on the world they lived in. We never learned how the aliens got there, how they figured out in order to survive they’d have to keep quiet, and most interestingly to me, how Jim and his family managed to survive. Were they tipped off? What made them so special, and what happened to everyone else? Was day 1 of the alien invasion a fucking bloodbath, with 98% of the world’s population wiped out? There are so, so many questions left unanswered.

But instead of a prequel which I think would be much better, he’s writing a sequel. And I don’t know, I think the story was told pretty well. I think we got a fine and dandy ending. I like the idea of a sequel that shows another family or another part of the world and how they deal with it, but I would prefer to get more answers and more details of the universe than to just move laterally within the universe. Either way though, I’m sure it’ll be great and I will for sure see it.

PS: That nail on the stairs was a bigger villain than the aliens. I still have nightmares about that nail.



PS: Never forget the most ridiculous Twitter exchange I’ve ever had.

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