The DeMar DeRozan HEB Commercials Are Here, And They Do Not Disappoint

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 12.19.29 PM

About two weeks ago I blogged when we got our first sneak peek and the stills of DeRozan going through his Spurs initiation by filming the new HEB commercials. One of the best part of the Spurs is when they put these out, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bad one. Well, they are out and frankly DeRozan does a great job. Fits right in and essentially looks like he’s been a Spur his whole life. Let’s give them a look shall we?

The first one, I’ll admit, I wish it was better. But they made up for it with the mediation one and the taco talk. I mean I could listen to Patty Mills say anything. Love that Aussie accent. Honestly for such a quiet guy I didn’t know what to expect from DeRozan, but it could have been way worse. Remember they were replacing a robot so basically anything with actual human emotion is going to be a plus.

But now that he’s gotten his feet wet, I need HEB to start to push the envelope with these like they did during the prime Duncan/Manu/Parker days. I am a firm believer in part of that trios success were these HEB commercials, so if the Spurs want to continue their franchise excellence, they have to make sure this new generation hits them out of the park.